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High-voltage industrial equipment companies drive shareholder value and overcome marketplace volatility through the strategic use of customer relationship management along with short-term and long-term financial planning. Global Group International provides innovation, strategy expertise and assistance to businesses striving to maintain their strong industry footprints and move to a higher level of performance.ut the Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. Below are some of the products that we offer:

Gallery 1 - Bulldozers (click images to enlarge)

Gallery 2 - Crawl Loaders (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 3 - Light Towers (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 4 - Skidsteer Bobcat (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Dump Trucks (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Water Trucks (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Septic Trucks (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Garbage Trucks (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Forklifts (click images to enlarge)
Gallery 5 - Forklifts (click images to enlarge)


Growth can be an elusive goal in today's tough market conditions. Yet some companies in the industrial products industry are sustaining a high level of performance and growth. How?


Leading industrial equipment companies use distinctive strategies to gain, and maintain, market footprints.


With our industry insights and global expertise, Global Group International has helped dozens of industrial equipment companies emerge from the "value rut" by strengthening their capabilities to drive economic profit.

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