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The Global Group International Electronics & High Tech consultants serve the semiconductor, communications equipment, computers, consumer electronics and aerospace & defense sectors. We tap into our industry expertise, integration capabilities, and high impact solutions to help clients launch new offerings, compete more effectively in the converging marketplace and optimize business performance. Below are some of the products that we offer:

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The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a rapid evolution—driven by digital technologies, a new breed of competitors (or, perhaps, partners?) and a market shift from “mass-media” to “me-media.” The outlook is good for those preparing for it. Global Group International helps entertainment, broadcast, publishing, printing and portal companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth and high performance.

We help entertainment companies develop new ways to securely and efficiently create, distribute and monetize content in the evolving digital environment.


We help publishing, printing and portal companies migrate into the digital world, using new business models, workflows and infrastructures, and sourcing strategies to improve the bottom line, enhance focus on core capabilities and improve effectiveness.

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