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The Global Group International Electronics & High Tech consultants serve the semiconductor, communications equipment, computers, consumer electronics and aerospace & defense sectors. We tap into our industry expertise, integration capabilities, and high impact solutions to help clients launch new offerings, compete more effectively in the converging marketplace and optimize business performance. Below are some of the products that we offer:

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Global Group International offers its customers professional, friendly, personalized service. We assist you with all of your travel arrangements, from rental car preference to final destination. We work hard so you don’t have to. Global Group International is a professional travel outsource agency whose main goal is to ensure that your group or pleasure trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Independent travel, escorted travel, Europe Packages, Africa Packages, North-South America Packages, Asia Packages, cruises, honeymoons, adventure, spa/fitness, group travel, destination weddings and much more…call us at 601-981-4111 or contact us for more information.

Global Group International's travel consulting professionals help leading travel services companies retain customer loyalty and innovate to keep pace with changing economic conditions. We collaborate with companies to create both current and future business value and help our clients achieve high performance.

Our travel services consultants help travel services companies improve customer satisfaction, operations efficiency and adaptable business processes with our expertise in strategy consulting, systems integration, market analysis and business models.


For travel service companies to survive and prosper in a volatile economy, they must display a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and flexibility.

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